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We are back in-person!

Once a month, come and participate in our workshops! Content will vary from physical activity, nutrition/cooking, mental health, and overall wellness..

Our workshops will be continuing in the fall! We hope to see you there.

Who are we?

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The Family Lifestyle Program (FLiP) is a health promotion program developed by members of Loyola and Dominican University in collaboration with Maywood Fine Arts for families to improve lifestyle and be healthier.

How do we Promote Health?

Our goal is to increase health education and healthy lifestyle behaviors in the community of Maywood, IL. We work to reach this in many ways!

Themed Newsletters and Resources

Every month we post a newsletter to this website, as well as our Facebook account. These newsletters are where most of our health education and promotion take place! Each newsletter includes topics such as nutrition, mental health wellness, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle information. Each week we do not make a newsletter, we post supplemental information on the designated topics. Keep an eye out for both our newsletters and following supplemental resources!

Annual visits in the Community

How can we promote healthy lifestyles in a community that we do not interact with? Our goals to educate and promote healthy lifestyles can not be met if we do not engage with the community we are partnering with. To ensure this progress, we actively collaborate with Maywood Fine Arts, as well as make community trips when possible. You may see us around at community events!

Research-Backed Implementations

FLiP is a research-based project conducted by the aforementioned universities. We collect data to monitor progress in healthy lifestyle goals and to confirm if we are making a real difference. We will always ask for your permission to use any data we obtain for use in the project. All information is confidential and will be used for research metrics only. You will be asked to sign a statement that gives us permission to use your data if you choose to participate, and you can drop out at any time!

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